Super Power

Bitrend is boosting our clients’ brand awareness via our influence network.


Brand awareness boost.


Social media influencers.


Communities from 30+ countries.

Enlighten Yourself, Become A Star in Web3 World



Selected by team and Squads. Can find suitable Squads and get more attention and interested target audience.



Introduced by KOLs and Communities which can keep their ID and promote themselves in different regions.



Projects can launch Airdrops and select communities to cooperate with.


Bitrend revolutionizes crypto engagement by:

Amplifying benefits for Bitrend Squads through exclusive activities and partnerships.
Transitioning Web2 users to Web3, boosting their investment potential.
Facilitating global connections with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and communities.
Offering airdropped tokens, early project access, and special allocations via a unique launchpad.

Bitrend is a one-stop Web3 brand marketing and traffic solution provider. Our team boasts an average of 7 years of experience in the Web3 space, having served top-tier projects such as NEAR, Helium, and ENS. With a network spanning over 3,000 KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and more than 100 communities, we've formed a powerful traffic alliance. This enables us to offer comprehensive brand influence enhancement while generating genuine and effective purchasing power for our clients.

Talk to us, and you will find the excitement!

There more than 20 000 projects in blockchain field, most of them for sure won’t be qualified as a project to cooperate with Bitrend or through Bitrend.

Bitrend team is aiming to put a threshold to filter all low quality projects and do not allow the scam project to be Bitrend partners. Only high quality projects which bring more trust and value to Web3 society. Those which prior Users over personal needs and profits will be qualified to corporate and be listed on Bitrend platform.

Criteria are: Website, social media, open source code, transparency in vision, words should meet actions. Talk is cheap, code is law.

Be an influencer is not an easy task.

Squad can be a KOL or Community which focused on supporting decent project to get rewards from it by helping to promote it.

Airdrops, cross airdrops, call to action activities will be a big continuous part of Bitrend which can benefit projects and active communities as well.

Squads could pick different airdrops activities and submit their public keys for White Listing and be qualified for airdrop.

Projects will design airdrops which can serve own needs, they could share it publicly or can cooperate with 1 or few squads particularly.